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computer“How to Solve it by Computer” by R.G. Dromey  is the book based on the problems of Computer. This book helps to solve the computer problems in a variety of ways. Computer Problem Solving is much more demanding which is an intricate process which requires much thought, careful planning and many more.
It is an introduction to the whys of algorithms and data structures. Features of the book :

The design factors associated with problems
The creative process behind coming up with innovative solutions for algorithms and data structures
The line of reasoning behind the constraints, factors and the design choices made.

Contents of the Book:-

Summation of a Set of Numbers
Sine Function Computation
Reversing the Digits of an Integer
Character to Number Conversion

The Smallest Divisor of an Integer
Generating Prime Numbers
Hash Searching
Left and Right Justification of Text
Keyword Searching in Text
Text Line Editing
Linear Pattern Search
Sublinear Pattern Search
Computing the Prime Factors of an Integer
Raising a Number to a Large Power
Computing the nth Fibonacci Number
Array Counting or Histogramming
Removal of Duplicates from an Ordered
Finding the ktb Smallest Element
Longest Monotone Subsequence
Sorting by Selection
Sorting by Exchange
Sorting by Insertion
Sorting by Partitioning
Binary Search
Queue Addition and Deletion
Linked List Search
Linked List Insertion and Deletion
Binary Tree Search
Binary Tree Insertion and Deletion
Binary Tree Traversal
Recursive Quicksort
Towers of Hanoi Problem
Sample Generation
Combination Generation
Permutation Generation

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