Object Oriented System Development By Ali Bahrami

OOSE-edutechlearnersDownload Book names as Object Oriented System Development By Ali Bahrami easily without any login or registration.Here we are providing the whole book according to the units as given in the Object Oriented Software Engineering (OOSE) of final year of B.tech Computer Science & Engineering Subject.The book is written for junior level students. There is no mathematical approach for any concept. They have explained every single concept and definition. The book is especially dedicated to introduce basics to students.There is no scope for arguments as author has cleared all the concepts at starting of every chapter and therefore leaving no doubts behind. He has systematically narrated each and every point with clean diagrams. Book Covers Object oriented concepts, tools, development life cycle, modeling, analysis, and design, for O-O modeling with UML.

Table of Contents:-

Unit – 1

Chapter 1: Overview of Object-Oriented Systems Development
Chapter 2: Object Basics
Chapter 3: Systems Development Life Cycle: Unified Approach

Unit – 2
Chapter 4: Object-Oriented Methodology
Chapter 5: Unified Modeling Language

Unit – 3
Chapter 6: Object-Oriented Analysis: The Use Case Driven Process
Chapter 7: Object Analysis: Classification
Chapter 8: Object Relationship Analysis

Unit – 4
Chapter 9: Object-Oriented Design Process and Benchmarking
Chapter 10: Designing Classes: Defining Attributes and Methods
Chapter 11: Object Storage and Access Layer
Chapter 12: Designing the View Layer: Toward Object-Oriented User Interface (OOUI)

Unit – 5
Chapter 13: Measuring User Satisfaction and Systems Usability
Chapter 14: Software Quality Assurance
Appendix A Document Template
Appendix B Windows Basics

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5. Unit-5:-

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I recommend that it will be the best book to cover the whole syllabus and will also be good to clear the basic concept of Object oriented Software Engineering.

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