Digital Design by Morris Mano Free Download PDF

Digital Design-EdutechlearnersThe book “Digital Design by Morris Mano” is concerned with the design of digital electronic circuits. The subject is also known by other names such as logic design, digital logic, switching circuits, and digital systems. Digital circuits are employed in the design of systems such as digital computers, control systems, data communications, and many other applications that require electronic digital hardware.

Why this book ?

Because this book explains:-

  • The basic tools for the design of digital circuits.
  • It provides methods and procedures suitable for a variety of digital design applications.
  • It provides the brief introduction to each and every topic.

Here you can easily download the book “Digital Design by Morris Mano Free Download PDF” without any login or signup and it is the 3rd edition of this book series.

The book contains the following topics UnitWise:-

  1. Binary Systems
  2. Boolean algebra And Logic Gates
  3. Simplification of Boolean Functions
  4. Combinational Logic
  5. MSI And PID Components
  6. Synchronous Sequential Logic
  7. Registers, Counters, and the Memory Unit
  8. Algorithmic State Machines (ASM)
  9. Asynchronous Sequential Logic
  10. Digital Integrated Circuits
  11. Laboratory Experiments
  12. Standard Graphic Symbols

So, Download the book and learn all the digital designs in one go. Good Luck.

Download Book

We recommend that it will be the best book to cover the whole syllabus of digital electronics also which is a subject for CSE as well as ECE students.

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