A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics (Semester-III/IV) by N.P.Bali Pdf

A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics (Semester-III/IV) by N.P.Bali PdfThere are a lot of books on Engineering Mathematics (Semester-III/IV) by N.P.Bali Pdf but most of them are incomplete and rigorous. This book named as A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics (Semester-III/IV) by N.P.Bali Pdf (For M.D.U., G.J.U., and K.U.K Haryana) is the most famous book for the subject of mathematics. A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics (Semester-III/IV) by N.P.Bali Pdf uniquely combines the examples, theorems, and solved/unsolved exercises. This book is completely based on the syllabus of III/IV semester (B.tech 2nd year) for M.D.U., G.J.U., and K.U.K Haryana engineering students.

About the Book:-

This book covers the fundamental concepts of engineering mathematics in a very broad and concise way. It contains a large number of solved/unsolved examples which helps a lot to get the practices a large number of mathematics questions with their solutions. Each chapter is relatively self-contained and can be used as a unit of study. The pdf mentioned below is the Ninth version.

Contents of the Book:-

  1. Fourier Series

Download 1st Chapter

  1. Fourier Transforms

Download 2nd Chapter 

  1. Functions of a Complex Variable

Download 3rd Chapter

  1. Power Series and Contour Integration

Download 4th Chapter

  1. Probability Distributions

Download 5th Chapter

  1. Hypothesis Testing

Download 6th Chapter

  1. Linear Programming

Download 7th Chapter

Download the Complete Book:-

Download Complete Book

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