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Electronics Engineering Notes PDF can be easily downloaded from here. The special in these notes is that these are notes made by some expert student in simple and easy language covering diagrams, configurations, problems with their solutions and important formulas. These notes cover the whole syllabus of Electronics Engineering subject of B.tech (1st Year) Students with common Stream.

The notes are divided into many different units.The particular units covers following topics:- 

Unit I:
Introduction to Electronics Engineering.

Unit-I Download

Unit II:
Semiconductor Diodes and Applications: P-N Junction Diode, Characteristics, and parameters of diodes, Diode approximations, DC load line analysis, Half wave rectifier, a Capacitor filter circuit, Zener Diode voltage regulators, Regulator circuit with no load, Loaded Regulator, etc.

Unit-II Download

Unit III:
Bipolar Junction Transistors: BJT Operations, BJT Voltage and currents, BJT amplifications, Common base, common emitter and common collector characteristics, etc.

Unit-III Download

Unit IV:
BJT Biasing: DC Load Line and Bias Point, Voltage divider bias, etc.

Unit-IV Download

Unit V:
Introduction to Operational Amplifiers: Ideal OP-AMP, Inverting and non-inverting OP-AMP circuits, OP-AMP Applications: Voltage Follower, Addition, subtraction, integration, differentiation, etc.

Unit-V Download

Unit VI:
Digital Electronics: Switching and Logic levels, Digital Waveforms, Number Systems, Digital Circuits, etc.

Unit-VI Download

Unit VII:
Flip Flops: Introduction to Flip-flops, NAND gate latch/NOR gate latch, RS FLip flop, Gated flip-flops, Clocked RS flip-flops.

Unit-VII Download

Unit VIII:
MicroControllers: Introduction to micro-controllers, 8051 microcontrollers, architecture and an example of microcontroller based Stepper motor control system.

Unit-VIII Download

Unit IX:
Communication Systems: Introduction and elements of communication systems, Modulation: Amplitude Modulation, Spectrum power, AM Detection(Demodulation), Frequency and phase modulation, Amplitude and phase modulation : Comparision.

Unit-IX Download

Unit X:
Transducers: Passive electrical transducers, Resistive transducers, Resistance Thermometric Thermistor, Linear variable differential Transformers(LVDT), Active Electrical transducers, Piezoelectric transducers, Photoelectric transducers.

Unit-X Download

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