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seA book of Software Engineering by a Famous writer Roger S. Pressman . This book is mainly famous for the topics of Software Engineering for Computer Science Subject specially for (6th Semester).This Book is most popularly studied by the students for the preparation of Software Engineering.
We have also posted the hand written notes of Software Engineering Under Lecture Notes. These notes are handwritten Notes of the Computer Subject “Software Engineering” unit wise in Pdf format.

Software Engineering Notes

Here is the book of the same subject by the famous Author which may help you in scoring more or the best in your Examination.

About the Book:-
This book is the seventh edition of Roger S.Pressman’s Software Engineering. The chapter structure will return to a more linear presentation of software engineering topics with a direct emphasis on the major activities that are part of a generic softwareprocess. Content will focus on widely used software engineering methods and will de-emphasize or completely eliminate discussion of secondary methods, tools and techniques.
Table of Content

  1. Software and Software Engineering.

Part One The Software Process

  1.  Process Models
  2.  Agile Development

Part Two Modeling

  1. Principles that Guide Practice
  2. Understanding Requirements
  3. Requirements Modeling: Scenarios, Information, and Analysis Classes
  4. Requirements Modeling: Flow, Behavior, Patterns, and WebApps
  5. Design Concepts
  6. Architectural Design
  7. Component-Level Design
  8. User Interface Design
  9. Pattern-Based Design
  10. WebApp Design

Part Three Quality Management

  1. Quality Concepts
  2. Review Techniques
  3. Software Quality Assurance
  4. Software Testing Strategies
  5. Testing Conventional Applications
  6. Testing Object-Oriented Applications
  7. Testing Web Applications
  8. Formal Modeling and Verification
  9. Software Configuration Management
  10. Product Metrics

Part Four Project Management

  1. Project Management Concepts
  2. Process and Project Metrics
  3. Estimation for Software Projects
  4. Project Scheduling
  5. Risk Management
  6. Maintenance and Re-engineering

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