Interactive Computer Graphics (ICG) Notes

“Interactive Computer Graphics (ICG) is the creation and Manipulation of pictures with the aid of Computers by using some input output devices.” So, to fully generalize the knowledge about Interactive Computer Graphics’s architecture, goals, etc  Here we are providing the notes related to it. These notes generally covers the whole syllabus of Computer Subject- “Interactive Computer Graphics (ICG)” of 4th year Students. Interactive Computer Graphics (ICG) Notes can be easily download from here in PDF format unit wise.

The notes covers following topics in full details:-

Display Devices: Line and point plotting systems: Raster, Vector, pixel and point plotters, Continual refresh and storage displays, Digital frame buffer, Plasma panel display, Very high resolution devices. High-speed drawing. Display processors. Character generators, Colour Display techniques (shadowmask and penetration CRT, colour look-up tables, analog false colours, hard copy colour printers).
Display Description: Screen co-ordinates, user co-ordinates, Graphical data structures (compressed incremental list, vector list, use of homogeneous coordinates); Display code generation Graphical functions: the view algorithm. Two-dimensional transformation, Line drawing. Circle drawing algorithms.
Interactive graphics: Pointing and positing devices (cursor, lightpen, digitizing tablet, the mouse, track balls). Interactive graphical techniques. Positioning (Elastic or Rubber Bank lines, Linking, zooming, panning clipping, windowing, scissoring). Mouse Programming.
3-D Graphics: Wire-frame, perspective display, Perspective depth, projective transformations, Hidden line and surface elimination. Transparent solids, shading, Two dimensional Transformations. 3-dimesional Transformations. Interactive Graphical Techniques GUI.

Download Unit 1:-

Download Unit 1

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Download Unit 2

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Download Unit 3

Download Unit 4 :-

Download Unit 4

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  1. very nicely explained notes af icg. can you please provide us with such type of notes of DATA WAREHOUSE AND DATA MINING

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    • Download buttons are available at the end of post. You can download notes unit wise by clicking on download button.

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