Web Engineering Lab Manual

Free, Download the Complete Practical Lab File of Web Engineering. This File covers all the practicals according to the prescribed syllabus for the Students of MCA and B.tech (4th Year) with Computer Science Stream. The File is specially designed under the teacher’s guides. It also uses  proper indentation and Comments at Appropriate places.The File also contains Index of the above Practicals with their complete Outputs.

The complete File can be downloaded in Two different Formats.Anyone who wants to edit their File can download the Document file which contains the File in Ms- Word (.doc) Format and Second one is in PDF Format.

This Lab Manual consists of Following Practicals:-

  • Create your Own Page with Favorite Hobbies.
  • Chalk out the storyboard and design of Diary Food Limited.
  • Create a Menu or Table of Content Web Page. Each menu item should load a different web page.
  • Create a Web Page Using Ordered and un-ordered List.
  • Create a Web Page to Show Record of the College in the form of Table.
  • Create a Frame set divided into three sections
  • Create a Web Page which Displays your Country Link, City and State.
  • Create a Web Page Using Style Sheet.
  • Create a Calculator using JAVA SCRIPT.
  • Create a Web page using java script to verify a Student Record.

Download Document File

Download PDF File

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