How to unhide the Hidden Files infected by viruses

There are a lot of antivirus software that hides all the files and folders on your hard drive/Pendrives, including everything in the users directory like documents, pictures, etc. as well as all the shortcuts on the Start Menu and even many more. The main problem behind this problem is that the virus adds the hidden attribute to every file and folder on your system, so it appears as if everything has been deleted from your hard drive but actually the files are not deleted, they are already present but in hidden forms. This Problem is quite often seen in many times. So, get ride of this problem by following  the instructions below to unhide your files and regain control of your computer again. 

Steps to be Followed:-

  1. Open the folder in Hard Drive/Pendrives containing hidden files. Copy it’s location as drive name and Folder name.
  2. Now, First of all unhide it by windows setting.

  • Goto Organize present on the left most corner of the Windows Explorer screen.
  • Organize–>Folder and Search Option.
  • Select view.
  • Under View–> Hidden Files and Folders.
  • Select Show hidden files, folders and drives.
  • Unhide these three options as shown in circle in below image.


  • Click ok.
  1. Now, Open cmd and Goto the location of the Directory noted in Step-1 by using cd (Change Directory) Command.
  2. Write attrib -a -s -r -h   and Hit enter to run it.
  3. Visit the folder where the files were hidden,are now in unhidden mode.

Watch out this video for Full tutorial:-

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