Transducers And Their Applications Notes

In general Transducer is a device which converts energy from one form to another. However, in the field of Electrical instrumentation transducer is a device which converts a physical quantity or condition into electrical signal.

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Unit wishes the notes consists of the topics as:-


Definition of the transducer. Advantages of an electrical signal as an output. basic requirements of transducers, Primary and Secondary Transducer ,Analog or digital types of transducers. Resistive, inductive, capacitive, piezoelectric, photoelectric and hall effect transducers.

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Measurement of pressure – Manometers, Force summing devices and electrical transducers Measurement of temperature – Metallic resistance thermometers, semi conductor resistance sensors (Thermistors), thermo-electric sensors, pyrometers.

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Measurement of displacement – Potentiometric resistance type transducers, inductive type transducers, differential transformer (L.V.D.T), capacitive transducers, Hall effect devices, strain gage transducers. Measurement of velocity – variable reluctance pick up, electromagnetic tachometers, photoelectric tachometer, toothed rotor tachometer generator.

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Measurement of Force – Strain-gage load cells, pneumatic load cell, LVDT type force transducer. Measurement of Torque – Torque meter, torsion meter, absorption dynamometers, inductive torque transducer, digital methods.

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