Tips for Computer Science Students to improve his/her resume for interviews

When you are a student of Computer Science, it becomes a common problem for all of us to make a better project for the interview as there are a lot of IT companies which hire only those IT graduates who are well skilled, hard code programmer, etc. The most common problem with CS graduates is that the projects done by most of us are more or less the academic project which are mostly of same common standard across different universities.

You can actually do a lot to reshape your resume, if you’re motivated.Let’s have some tips for computer science students to improve our resume to get hired easily by the companies:-

Assuming that you’re applying for software engineering jobs, the biggest thing you can do is coding or programming then start doing it in a better way by the following activities and by including it in your resume. These activities will show a strong foundation in CS fundamentals, as well as a passion for technology/coding and make your resume heavier.

  • Coursework: If there’s a particular topic that interests you, or if there’s something you’re rusty on, take some Coursera, edx, Udemy, etc courses on this. You can list these on your resume.
  • Projects: Spend some of your free time building software on your own. List these on your resume. If they’re serious enough, you might even be able to list them as a start-up under Employment. This is the most important part of a resume. Whenever you face any interview there must be some questions on projects. Start doing some projects of your own. Create a github profile. Do some open source contributions in any project that you like. This proves that you can apply practical knowledge of algorithms too.
  • Hackathons: Start participating in hackathons. If you do well, fantastic. But even if you don’t win any awards, you can still list your participation on your resume.
  • Intern-ship: If you have an intern then mention it clearly, say about your role and technologies in brief. If not then try to get the intern-ship at better firm where you can something new and related to your subject.
  • Blogs: Try to make technical blogs if you are interested. It will lead your carrier as well as makes your resume a best one.
  • Achievements: If you have good scores in academics or standard tests such as GRE or GMAT, mention it in your Scholastic achievements. You can also mention about honors, awards and wins at fest in your resume.

Last but not the least be very well prepared to answer about any part of your resume. Don’t write the articles in the resume with which you are unaware of as each and every question will be asked from the resume.

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