The Phone Interview Tips

Here we are providing some of the Phone Interview Tips.

Due to a company’s geographic location, travel costs, and divergent schedules, a phone interview may often be your initial contact with a prospective employer.

Main Objective of Phone Interview

The idea behind a phone interview is to gain an invitation for a
personal interview, and to gather more information for future steps in the process.

How to prepare for Phone Interview?

  1. Have a pad, pen, and a copy of your resume near the phone.
  2. Use a phone in a quiet area. Avoid any background noise.
  3. Also avoid using a cordless phone, because they tend to transmit poorly.
  4. If you have your Laptop, always use it while giving the Phone interview. It is better to have the internet in it.
  5. It will be must better if you take your own resume with you while giving phone interview because the interviewer asks about 60-70% questions from your Resume.

How to speak while giving Telephone Interview?

  • Smile and be enthusiastic. Your enthusiasm will carry through to the interviewer.
  • Speak in a conversational manner, and be sure to speak loudly enough to be heard.
  • Speak with some inflection and tone.
  • Let the interviewer do most of the talking. When s/he asks you a question, expound upon the answer. Use the opportunity to sell your skills and experience.
  • When the interview is over, let her/him know that you are very interested in scheduling a personal interview at her/his place of business.

Last but not the least be very well prepared to answer about any part of your resume. Don’t write the articles in the resume of which you are unaware of as each and every question will be asked from the resume.


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