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Software Engineering Notes: A Software is a computer programs that when executed provide desired functions and performance. From the word Software, Software engineering comes into the picture, which states that it is a discipline whose aim is the production of quality software that is delivered on time, within budget and that satisfies its requirements.

So, let’s start learning such awesome in handwritten notes specially designed for the students under teacher’s surveillance. These notes are handwritten Notes on the Computer Subject “Software Engineering” unit wise in Pdf format.

Unit wise notes consist of following topics:-

Unit – 1:  Software and Software engineering. Software characteristics, software crusts, software engineering paradigms.Planning a software project-software cost estimation, project scheduling, personal planning, team structure.

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Unit – 2: Software configuration management, quality assurance, project monitoring, disk management. Software requirement analysis-structured analysis, object-oriented analysis and data modeling, software requirement specification, validation.

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Unit – 3: Design and implementation of software – software design fundamentals, design methodology (structured design and object-oriented design). Design verification, monitoring, and control coding. Software reliability: metric and specification, fault avoidance and tolerance, exception handling, defensive programming.

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Unit – 4:  Testing – Testing fundamentals, white box, and black box testing software testing software testing strategies: unit testing, integration testing, validation testing, system testing, debugging. Software Maintenance – maintenance characteristics, maintainability, maintenance tasks, maintenance side effects.

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    • Download Unit-2 Of Software Engineering Notes which includes Quality Management along with their approaches…..

  1. I want a software testing technique and strategies Ch # 17,18, Designing concept and principles Ch #13, user interface designing ch # 15. seventh edition Software engineering by Roger pressman :)

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