Radar Engineering Notes

Radar is an electromagnetic system for the detection and location of objects. It operates by transmitting a particular type of waveform and detects the nature of echo signal.

Get ready to learn “Radar Engineering” by simple and easy handwritten notes that were specially made for B.tech students (ECE). These notes are handwritten Notes of the Electronics Subject “Radar Engineering” unit wise in Pdf format. These notes enables students to understand every concept of the the term “Radar Engineering”. Radar Engineering Notes can be easily download from EduTechLearners without signup or login. These notes can be downloaded Unit Wise as well as Zip file files containing all the Unit.

Unit wise the notes consists of the topics as:-

RADAR BASICS: Radar Block Diagram & operation, Applications of Radar. RADAR EQUATION: Simple form of Radar Equation, Minimum detectable signal, Receiver noise, Signal to Noise ratio, Transmitter Power, Pulse repetition frequency & range ambiguities,  System losses, Propagation effects.

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CW & FREQUENCY MODULATED RADAR: The Doppler effect, CW Radar, FM- CW Radar, Multiple Frequency CW Radar. MTI & PULSE DOPPLER RADAR: Introduction, Delay Line Cancellors, Multiple or staggered, Pulse repetition frequencies, range-Gated Doppler Filters, Other MTI delay line, Limitation of MTI performance, Noncoherent MTI
Pulse Doppler Radar, MTI from a moving platform.

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TRACKING RADAR: Tracking with Radar, Sequential Lobbing, Conical Scan, Monopulse Tracking Radar, Tracking in range, Acquisition.

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RECEIVERS, DISPLAYS & DUPLEXERS: Radar Receivers, Noise Figure, Mixer, Low-noise Front ends, Displays, Duplexer, Receiver protectors.

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