Presentation on Computer Basics

Download now “Presentation on Computer Basics” in free PDF. Download it now completely free on EduTechLearners without and signup or Login. The notes are prepared for junior level students. They have explained every single concept and definition. It is especially dedicated to introducing basics of computers to students. These notes are also useful for the students of the 1st year for their subject as Computer Fundamentals.

The notes cover following topics in full details:-

Basic Structure of Computer Hardware and Software

  • Evolution of Computer Systems (Historical Perspective)
  • Computer Types
  • Functional units
  • Bus structures
  • Register Transfer and Micro-operations
  • Information Representation
  • Instruction Format and Types
  • Addressing Modes
  • Machine and Assembly Language Programming
  • Macros and Subroutines

Instruction Format & Instruction Types

  • Instruction Formats
  • Register Address
  • Stack Architecture
  • Accumulator Architecture
  • General Register Architecture
  • Types Of Address Instructions
  • Data Manipulation Instructions
  • Program Control Instructions
  • Addressing Modes and its types

Machine And Assembly Language Programming

  • Computer Operations
  • Machine Language
  • Assembly Language

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Suggested Book:-

If you don’t have the book “Computer Fundamentals – by P.K.Sinha Free PDF“. Download this book as it is also written for junior level students. They have explained every single concept and definition. The book is especially dedicated to introducing basics to students.There is no scope for arguments as an author has cleared all the concepts at starting of every chapter and therefore leaving no doubts behind. He has systematically narrated each and every point with clean diagrams. This book will result in a new sense of enlightenment and a fresh confidence in yourself.

 Computer Fundamentals – by P.K.Sinha Free PDF

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