Operating System Notes

Operating System can be defined as a interface between Computer hardware.Without Operating System, the computer is just like a dull machine.Operating System is the heart of our Computer System. Apart from it’s Features it also has some goals as Primary goals and Secondary Goals. Also there are a lot of operating Systems available which support our computer system. So, to fully generalize the knowledge about the different operating system architecture, goals, scheduling techniques, etc Here we are providing the notes related to it. These notes are generally Handwritten notes by one of the intelligent student in clean handwriting providing diagrams and full descriptions of the contents in easy language. These notes generally covers the whole syllabus of Computer Subject- “Operating System” of B.tech 3rd year Students.

The Notes contains the following Main topics:-  
Introduction and Background:- What is an operating System, Goals, types of operating system such as real time operating system, Multiprocessor OS, Batch OS, Multiprogramming OS, etc.
Process Management:-

  • Process Concept.
  • CPU Scheduling.
  • Synchronization.
  • Concurrent Programming.
  • Deadlocks.
  • Threads.

Memory Management:- RAM chip implementation, Loading and Linking, Address Binding ( Paging, multilevel paging, inverted paging, segmentation, segmented paging ), Virtual Memory.
File and Device Management :- File, Directory Structure, Disk Scheduling, Disk I/O Operation, Disk Interleaving.

Download the zip file of the notes and extract it to read the Same. We have already covered nearly all the topics of the Subject.
Please write comments if you find anything incorrect, or you want some more notes related to the same subject. We will soon provide it to you.

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