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Whenever we talk about security related to the Computer Network System, we mean that we are addressing three important aspects of computer related systems:- 1).confidentiality, 2).Integrity & 3).Availability and also Non- repudiation. So, the study of such important concepts in Network management and Security is very important. Hence, to clear the concepts thoroughly we are providing notes related to it. These notes are Hand Written Notes of the Computer Subject “Network Management and Security”i.e. NMS unit wise in Pdf format.These Notes provides a complete Knowledge of all the topics mentioned in the syllabus with examples and in simple or easy language.

Unit wises the notes consists of the topics as:-
Unit 1: Introduction: need and basic goals for computer security, security threats etc. Cryptographic building blocks, symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography, cryptography hash function, digital signature schemes etc., with representative applications for each.

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Unit 2: Operating System Security: low-level protection mechanisms, access control: models for access control, some confidentiality, integrity, and hybrid models of access control such as Bell-La Padula Biba. Chinese Wall etc., discretionary v/s mandatory access control. Case studies: Java access control policy specifications. SELinux security model and
implementation. Program flaws: bugs which have security implications such as buffer overflows, race conditions etc.

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Unit 3: Malicious code: viruses, worms. Trojan horses: how they work and how to defend against them. Network Security: problems in network security; kinds of attacks, PKI, key exchange protocols, example protocols such as PGP, Kerberos, IPSEC/VPN, SSL. S/MIME etc.

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Unit 4: Protocol vulnerabilities: examples of protocol vulnerabilities such as in TCP/IP, denial of service attacks, etc.

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We have tried to cover each and every topic of the Subject Network Management & Security in the above Hand Written notes but still you want Notes on some more topics then feel free to comment below.

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