Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems by B.P.Lathi

Download “Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems by B.P.Lathi” in PDF from EduTechLearners in a single click without any ads and without any login or sign up. The book covers all the topics of analog and digital communication systems. The book plays an important role for the students of Engineering having “Analog Communication” as their subject in their curriculum.

About the Book:-

The book examines communication by electrical signals. It divides the study of communication systems into the below two areas:

  1. How do communication systems work ?
  2. How they perform in the presence of noise.

Contents of the Book:-

  1. Introduction to Communication System
  2. Introduction to signals
  3. Analysis and transmission of signals
  4. Amplitude (Linear) Modulation
  5. Angle (Exponential) Modulation
  6. Sampling and pulse code modulation
  7. Principles of digital data transmission
  8. Emerging digital communications technologies
  9. Some recent developments and Miscellaneous Topics
  10. Introduction to the theory of Probability
  11. Random Process
  12. Behaviour of analog systems in the presence of noise
  13. Optimum Signal detection
  14. Introduction to Information Theory
  15. Error Correcting Codes

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