Mobile Processors

In this age of technology, when anyone went to buy a Phone. Their decision of buying the smartphone will rely on some important factors such as price, screen size, memory, battery life with the main questions arising about the processor. They wants to know about the processor that they will be using in their mobile phones. Processors are an incredibly important factor in selecting any type of mobile phones. So, for the sake of this problem here we are solving your problems of choosing processors for your next mobile phones by proving you the full descriptions about the mobile processors.


Mobile processors Basics:-

The processors processes instructions provided as input to it by the user in order to carry out certain functions to run your device properly.Unlike computers that are plugged into a power supply, mobile devices are used on-the-go to access multimedia content and to perform other tasks that consume a lot of battery power. That’s why low power consumption is such an important feature in smartphones and tablets you use to play games, browse the Web and watch high-quality videos.

All of the different components that make up your computer’s processor have to be condensed to fit in your mobile phone, where they exist as a mobile application processor, or a System-on-a-Chip (SoC).

 What is System-on-a-Chip (SoC) ?

System-on-a-Chip (SoC) is simply a small sized processor chip which is to be embedded inside the mobile devices which provides:-

  • Reduces the size of the component board
  • Make the device itself faster and more battery efficient.
  • Reduce costs for assembling the product.

For the inner working of Mobile processors CPU and GPU need to be learned properly because the mobile processors affect these two components:-

Central processing Unit

The CPU, or central processing unit, is responsible for most of the functions on your smartphone, such as running the operating system,relaying touch-screen input and also the speed of you smartphones. Generally the cores of the CPU affects the Processing speed of the smartphones.Whether a processor is single-core, dual-core or multi-core depends on how many CPU cores it has. Processors with multiple CPU cores make it easier for a system to perform high-level functions simultaneously, meaning you can multi-task on your smartphone without sacrificing performance speed. Smartphones with multi-core CPUs allow you to browse the Web faster, watch 3D content and run applications that use advanced graphics – all while conserving battery life.

What do you mean by Dual Core and Quad core Processor ?

A core is usually the basic computation unit of the CPU – it can run a single program context (or multiple ones if it supports HW threads such as hyperthreading on intel CPUs), maintaining the correct program state, registers, and correct execution order, and performing the operations through ALUs. A CPU may have one or more cores to perform tasks at a given time. These tasks are usually software processes and threads that the OS schedules. Note that the OS may have many threads to run, but the CPU can only run at a given time X such tasks, where X = number cores * number of HW-threads per core. The rest would have to wait for the OS to schedule them whether by preempting currently running tasks or any other means.


  • Dual Core Processor:- It is an integrated circuit (IC) to which two processors has been attached to enhance performance, less Power Consumption, and many more. Silicon chip designers managed to include two individual processing cores on a single die and thus dual-core processors were brought. Dual-core mobile processors share the work of carrying out instruction sets by improving the performance per cycle. Dual-core processors can be considered as two brains of similar potential at work to run apps, tasks and boost performance by double the capacity of a single core processor.

  • Quad Core Processor:-  It is an integrated circuit (IC) to which four processors has been attached in such a way that all four cores can be used to deliver higher level performance. Generally the quad core processor is simply the double power consumer of dual core processor.A quad-core processor allows your smartphone to run the latest, greatest, most complex apps, such as an intricate, graphics-heavy video game. It can also mean business-oriented functions that require speed perform more smoothly. Video calls have better image clarity and solid audio, and the processor also has the ability to handle other functions in the background.

Similarly there are also some of the Smartphones with Octa Core processors which allows integration of eight processors on a single chip to perform much better than quad core processor offering some additional features.

Graphics Processing Unit

GPU of the processor handles graphical and visual data, so it’s responsible for displaying Web pages and 3D graphics in games. GPU also enables you to use your touch screen as sensitive as usual. Even if you aren’t gaming on your smartphone, the GPU plays an important role in rendering the main display of your phone. Without the GPU, navigating your main screen would feel slower and the graphics would be less smooth.

In the next post we will offer you the detailed information About different Types of Processors.

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