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Mobile Computing Consists of two terms:- Mobile & Computing. Mobile means not stationary and Computing is the act of developing and using computer technology including hardware and software. Thus, Mobile Computing is the technology that allows anytime, anywhere and everywhere Computing. It can be defined as a  Computing Environment over physical mobility such that user of a mobile computing environment will be able to access data , information or other logical objects from any device in a network while on move.

Get ready to learn “Mobile Computing” by simple and easy handwritten notes that were specially made for students (CSE). These notes are handwritten Notes of the Computer Subject “Mobile Computing” unit wise in Pdf format. These notes enables students to understand every concept of the the term “Mobile Computing”.

Unit wise the notes consists of the topics as:-

Unit 1: Introduction,Challenges in mobile computing, Cellular architecture,frequency reuse,capacity increase by cell splitting. Evolution of mobile system : CDMA, FDMA, TDMA GSM. Mobility Management.

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Unit 2: Publishing & Accessing Data in Air : Pull and push based data delivery models, data,File System Support for Mobility : Distributed file sharing for mobility support. Coda and other storage manager for mobility support.

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Unit 3: Ad-hoc Network Routing Protocols : Ad hoc network routing protocols, destination sequenced distance vector algorithm, cluster based gateway switch routing, global state routing, fish-eye state routing, dynamic source routing, ad-hoc on-demand routing, location aided routing, zonal routing algorithm.

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Unit 4: Mobile Transaction and Commerce : Models for mobile transaction, Kangaroo and joey transactions, team transaction. Recovery model for mobile transactions. Electronic payment and protocols for mobile commerce.

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We have tried to cover each and every topics of the Subject in the  notes but still you want Notes on some more topics then feel free to comment below.

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