Microprocessor & Interfacing Lab manual

Microprocessor  is synonymous to central processing unit, CPU used in traditional computer. Microprocessor acts as a device or a group of devices which do a lot of tasks such as communicate with peripherals devices, provide timing signal, direct data flow, perform computer tasks as specified, etc.

Here is the Lab Practical file of Microprocessor & interfacing. This Practical Lab file is Specially Designed for the Students  B.tech with Computer Science Stream and Electronics & Engineering covering their whole syllabus. This Lab Manual consists of Following Practicals:-

01. Study of intel’s 8085 microprocessor kit
02. Program to find addition of two 8 bit no.
03. Program to find subtraction of two 8 bit no.
04. Program to find 1’s complement of a no.
05. Program to find 2’s complement of a no.
06. Program to find multiplication of two 8 bit no.
07. Program to find largest no. in a data array
08. Program to find smallest no. in a data array
09. Program to find square root of 8 bit no.
10. Study of intel’s  8086 microprocessor.


For more Practicals comment it with it’s proper Aim.

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