iPhone 6 may get Auto-Unlock Mode in Safe-Areas

Apple’s iPhone 6 may get Auto-Unlock Mode in Safe Areas. The company Apple may be looking for the ways to unlock their phones easily in Safe Areas based on the location. Here Safe areas means the areas like owner’s home or his/her office. According to the report, it will unlock automatically  in safety areas and then re-lock when you leave the area. Safe places need to preset from the phone settings, then when the iPhone recognizes you are at that location, the iPhone could bypass the typical PIN security code or fingerprint scan and keep the phone unlocked. On the other hand, if the user set the area to be unsafe from the mobile setting, the iPhone gets locked to make the device secure.

Recently, the company has filed for the patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for this security technology. If this attempt by Apple (in the sense of providing easy features to the user) comes into picture in iPhone 6 , it will make iPhone 6 as biggest update in iPhone history.To make it fully functional Apple have to make it much more professional.

So,lets wait and watch that if actually the imagination made by the company will be reflected back in the real product or may remains rumors among peoples.

Source:- Mashable.



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