HR Interview Questions and Answers

In any type of recruitment, HR (Human Resource) interview is always conducted to test the candidate’s human skill power. This interview is a must. Many big companies such as HP, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant, Aricent, etc. take HR interview of the candidate to test their human mind. While giving HR interview always take the initiative to attend every question and tell your real answer.

So, here in this post we are explaining you all those questions which are generally asked in HR Interview with their prescribed answers.

Q) Tell me about yourself.

Ans) Sample Answer: Good morning sir/mam. My name is *** (name) and I’m belong to **** (city) . I have done my schooling from ***** (school name) and now I’m pursuing **** (degree) in ***** (trade) from ******** (college name). I’m a kind of a person who believes in honesty and punctuality. I’m a quick learner, self motivated and flexible to adopt any conditions.

(You can also explain about your family Background as :) My father is ***** (Profession) and my mother is **** (Profession). We are ***** (total no) of brothers and sisters.

Q) Tell me about your Short Term Goals?

Ans) My short term goal is to be placed in a reputed company like yours where I can utilize my knowledge and improve my career path.

Q) Tell me about your Long Term Goals?

Ans) My long term goal is to be in a respectable position in the organization where I will work my best.

Q) Your Strengths?

Ans) (Here are some of the points which will help you to check your strength. Don’t memorize the same answer but try to tell your real answer)

  • I am a good listener as well as good team player.
  • Self motivated and quick learning of new things.
  • Adaptive to any environment.
  • Not satisfy until I achieve the goal whether it is in team or alone.
  • Can work in under pressure.
  • I am honest and confident.
  • I am self motivated.
  • I am able to control my anger.
  • I’m a kind of a person who believes in honesty and punctuality.

Q) Your Weakness?

Ans) (Answer to this question should only be explained when the interviewer asks you until and unless they asks about your weakness never tell about it to the interviewer as it shows your negative effects. If asks tell only 2-3 points)

  • I trust people very easily.
  • I am Emotional.
  • I feel shy at new places where I don’t know anyone.

Q) Why should I hire you?

Ans) Being a fresher I am very much exited to get this job. All these years I have been only listening about how things are done. This is the first time me to put everything that I have learned into practice. So that I can know where I stand and set a target for myself. I am ready to prove myself and will do my best.

Q) What is your expected salary?

Ans) I believe that an ideal remuneration for any position recognizes the ability, rewards the performance and provides the employee an opportunity to indulge in his hobbies and passions. I am sure that this company also takes care of these.

Q) Your Hobbies?

Ans) (Always tell your best and true hobbies. Never tell the hobbies which you don’t know about because the interviewer may asks questions regarding your hobbies. So, be true to yourself. )

I like to play cricket, watching movies, listening music, exploring to new places, reading novels, net surfing, etc.

Some General Questions which can be asked in HR interview:-

  • How would you rank your achievements?
  • Give an example of a situation where you demonstrated leadership.
  • Give an example of how you worked on a team.
  • What questions do you have about the organization?
  • What would you like me to know most that is not on your resume?

Additional tips:-

  • Focus on presenting a positive, enthusiastic tone.
  • Think about three or four key points that you want to make about your personal characteristics, skills you have learned, and relevant experiences that demonstrate that you could perform the job well.
  • Find specific, rather than general, examples from your experience that illustrate important points about yourself.
  • When answering questions, focus on experiences that demonstrate flexibility, adaptability, responsibility, progress, achievement, creativity, initiative, and leadership.

After the interview, write a brief thank you letter. Express your appreciation for the opportunity to interview and learn about the organization, re-confirm your interest, and re-emphasize how your background and skills might be of interest to the organization.

The book “Interview Skills That Win the Job – Michael Spiropoulos” will also helps you a lot to attend HR interview.

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