Expert Systems Notes

Expert Systems Notes can be easily downloaded from here in PDF format. The special in these notes is that these are handwritten notes made by some expert student in simple and easy language covering diagrams and configurations. These notes cover the whole syllabus of the (4th Year) Students with computer Science Stream.

The notes are divided into four different units.The particular units covers following topics:- 


Features of the expert system, Representation, and organization of knowledge, Basics characteristics, types of problems handled by expert systems, Case study of PROSPECTOR.


Expert System Tools: Techniques of knowledge representations in expert systems, knowledge engineering, System-building aids, support facilities, stages in the development of expert systems.


Building an Expert System: Expert system development, Selection of the tool, Acquiring Knowledge, Building process.


Problems with Expert Systems: Difficulties, common pitfalls in planning, dealing with the domain expert, difficulties during development.

Download Unit I:-

Download Unit I

Download Unit II:-

Download Unit II

Download Unit III:-

Download Unit III

Download Unit IV:-

Download Unit IV

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