Embedded Systems Design Notes

Embedded Systems Design Notes PDF can be easily download from here without signup or login. Embedded Systems Design is a subject  for students of B.tech (4th year) of  Electronics & Communication(ECE).These notes provides information about the Embedded Micro controller that plays an important role.

These notes are specially designed in pdf format for easy download and contain hand written notes in simple and easy languages with full diagrams of architecture and its full explanation.

The notes covers  following topics in detail:-

UNIT 1 :
INTRODUCTION: Different types of microcontrollers: Embedded microcontrollers, External memory microcontrollers; Processor Architectures: Harvard V/S Princeton , CISC V/S RISC; microcontrollers memory types; microcontrollers features : clocking, i/o pins, interrupts, timers, peripherals.

UNIT 2 :
MICROCONTROLLER ARCHITECTURE:  Introduction to PIC microcontrollers, Architecture and pipelining, program memory considerations, Addressing modes, CPU registers, Instruction set, simple operations.

UNIT 3 :
INTERRUPTS AND I/O PORTS: Interrupt logic, Timer 2 scalar initialization, IntService Interrupt service routine, loop time
subroutine, External interrupts and timers, Synchronous serial port module, Serial pheriphal device, O/p port Expansion, I/p port expansion, UART.

UNIT 4 :
PROGRAMMING WITH MICROCONTROLLERS: Arithmetic operations, Bit addressing, Loop control, Stack operation, Subroutines, RAM direct addressing, state machines, Oscillators, Timer Interrupts, Memory mapped I/O. DESIGNING USING MICROCONTROLLERS: Music box, Mouse wheel turning, PWM motor control, Aircraft Demonstration, ultra sonic distance measuring, Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor.

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