Data Structures With Java– by Schaum Series PDF

Data Structures With Java– by Schaum Series PDFDownload the most popular book of “Data Structure” i.e. Data Structures With Java– by Schaum Series PDF. Here we are providing this book in PDF form. Download this book in PDF without any login or signup.

Data Structure is a subject of primary importance to the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering.It is a logical and mathematical model of storing and organizing data in a particular way on the computer.

About the Book:-

This book is intended to be used primarily for self-study. It is suitable as a study guide in a course on data structures using the Java programming language. The book includes more than 200 detailed examples and over 260 solved problems. It also demonstrates the implementation of Algorithms and procedures related to data structure concepts using the Java language and a lot more.

Topics Covered by this Book:-

Here are the topics which are covered by this book:-

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Arrays
  • Linked Data Structures
  • The Java Collections Framework
  • Stacks
  • Queues
  • Lists
  • Hash Tables
  • Recursion
  • Trees
  • Binary Trees
  • Search Trees
  • Heaps and Priority Queues
  • Sorting
  • Graphs

So, Download the book and try out all the algorithms. Good Luck.

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