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A Data type refers to a named group of data which share similar properties or characteristics and which have common behaviour among them. Three fundamental data types used in C programming are int for integer values, float for floating-point numbers and char for character values. But, sometimes a need arises to treat a group of different data types as a single unit. In such a case,Data structures can be beneficial as data structures let you combine data of different types and process them together.

Data structure is representation of the logical relationship existing between individual elements of data. In other words, a Data structure is a way of organizing all data items that considers not only the elements stored but also their relationship to each other.

This Notes Consist of  Topics as :-  Introduction to the Data Structure,  Arrays, Structures, Stacks , Queues, Linked List and their operations, Trees , Sorting Techniques (Quick Sort , Insertion Sort , Selection Sort , etc) with their Algorithms and much more. These notes were Specially Designed during Lecture offered by the teacher which helps and MCA students to Score more in their Examinations.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Data Structure

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Chapter 2: Arrays

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Chapter 3: Structures

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Chapter 4: Stacks

Download Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Queues

Download Chapter 5

Chapter 6: Linked List

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Chapter 7: Trees

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Chapter 8: Sorting Techniques

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We have tried to cover each and every topics of the Subject in the notes but still you want Notes on some more topics then feel free to comment below.

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