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A Data structure is a way of organizing data that considers not only the items stored but also their relationship to each other. Advance knowledge about the relationship between data items allows designing of efficient algorithms antalya escort for the manipulation of data.

Now, Get the Complete Practical Lab File of Data Structure i.e. DS. This File covers all the practicals according to the prescribed syllabus.The File also contains Index of the above Practicals with their complete Outputs.

The complete Data Structure lab Manual File can be downloaded in Zip Format.Here we have tried our best to complete all the Practicals Although, anyone who wants to edit their File can download the Zip file which antalya bayan escort contains the File in .doc Format and then edit their Practicals according to their requirement.

The index of the above Practical file consists of Following Practicals:-

  1. Write a program to search an element in a two-dimensional array using linear search.
  2. Using iteration & recursion concepts write programs for finding the element in the array using Binary Search Method.
  3. Write a program to perform following operations on tables using functions only a) Addition b) Subtraction c) Multiplication d) Transpose.
  4. Write a program to implement Queue.
  5. Write a program to implement Stack.
  6. Write a program for swapping of two numbers using ‘call by value’ and ‘call by reference strategies.
  7. Write a program to implement the various operations on the string such as length of string concatenation, the reverse of a string & copy of a string to another.
  8. Write a program to create a linked list & perform operations such as insert, delete, update, reverse in the Link List.
  9. Write a program to implement Sorting Techniques.
    a)Quick Sort.
    b)Bubble Sort.
    c)Insertion Sort.
    d)Selection Sort.
  10. Write a program to implement binary search tree. (Insertion & deletion In Binary Search Tree).
  11. Write a program to simulate the various graph traversing algorithms.
  12. Write a program which simulates the various Graph traversal algorithms.


*For More Practicals other than the above mentioned, Comment the Aim of the Practical.We will provide you the same as soon as possible.

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