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Computer Hardware Design Notes can be downloaded easily without any login or signup. Here CHD (Computer Hardware Design) notes are in PDF Format (Unit Wise).The special in these notes is that these are handwritten notes made by some expert student in simple and easy language covering diagrams and configurations. These notes cover the whole syllabus of the (5th Semester) Students with Electronics and Communication Stream. These notes can also be read thoroughly for having knowledge related to the design of computer hardware.

The notes are divided into four different units.The particular units covers following topics:- 


BASIC STRUCTURE OF COMPUTER HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE :Functional Units, historical Perspective, Register transfer, and micro-operations. Information representation, Instruction format, Instruction types, Addressing modes, Machine and Assembly Language programming, Macros and Subroutines.

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PROCESSOR DESIGN: Fixed – point and floating-point arithmetic addition, subtraction, Multiplication and division, Decimal arithmetic unit – BCD adder, BCD subtraction, decimal arithmetic operations, ALU design, Forms of Parallel processing classification of Parallel structures, Array Processors, Structure of general purpose Multiprocessors.

CONTROL DESIGN: Hardwired Control: design methods, Multiplier Control Unit, CPU Control unit, Microprogrammed Control: basic concepts, Multiplier Control Unit, Microprogrammed Computers, CPU Control unit.


MEMORY ORGANIZATION: Memory device characteristics, Random access memories: semiconductor RAMS, Serial – access Memories – Memory organization, Magnetic disk memories, Magnetic tape memories, Optical memories, Virtual memory, Main Memory Allocation, Interleaved memory, Cache Memory, Associative Memory.

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SYSTEM ORGANIZATION: Input-Output Systems – Programmed IO, DMA, and Interrupts, IO Processors, Interconnection networks – single bus, crossbar networks, multi-stage networks, hypercube networks, mesh networks, Tree networks, ring networks, Pipelining – basic concept.

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Notes of Unit 2 will be uploaded very soon.

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