Compiler Design Notes

Compiler Design notes i.e. CD Notes can be easily downloaded from here in PDF format. The special in these notes is that these are handwritten notes made by some expert student in simple and easy language covering diagrams and configurations. These notes cover the whole syllabus of the (4th Year) Students with computer Science Stream. Along with the notes, we are also providing the “Compiler Design” Book which is in very simple and easy language.

The notes are divided into four different units.The particular units covers following topics:- 

 Unit – I

Assemblers, linkers, loaders, compilers and translators, the structure of a compiler, different states in the construction of a compiler, Design of lexical analyzer, Basic Parsing Techniques, Parsers, shift- reduce parsing, operator- precedence parsing, top-down parsing predictive parsers, L.R. Parsers, the canonical collection of L-R (O) items, construction of SLR parsing tables, construction canonical L.R. Parsing tables, Constructing LALR parsing tables implementation of L-R Parsing tables.

Unit – II

Syntax-Directed Translation: Syntax-directed translation schemes, implementation of syntax-directed translators, intermediate code, postfix notation, parse trees and syntax trees, three address code, quadruples, and triples, translation of assignment statements. Boolean expressions, control statements.

Symbol labels The contents of a symbol table data structures for symbol tables representing scope information.

Unit – III

Run Time Storage Administration: Implementation of a simple stack allocation scheme, implementation of block structured languages, storage allocation in block structured languages. Error Detection And Recovery: Error, Lexical-phase errors, syntactic-phase errors, semantic errors.

Unit – IV

Code Optimization: The principle sources of optimization, loop optimization, the DAG representation of basic blocks, value number and algebraic laws, global data flow analysis.

Code Generation: Object programs, problems in code generation, a machine model, a single code generator, register allocation and assignment, code generation from DAGs, peephole optimization.

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*Notes of the other Units will be uploaded soon…

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