“C” Program Header Files

Here are some of the C Program Header Files which are generally used while programming in C Language….

1. <stdio.h>: input and output function in program.

2. <conio.h>: to clear screen and pause information function.

3. <ctype.h>: function for testing characters

4. <string.h>: function for manipulating string

5. <math.h>: mathmatical function..

6. <stdlib.h>: utility function for number, conversion, storage allocation

7. <assert.h>: function that can beused to add diagnostics to a program

8. <stdarg.h>: function that can be used to step through a list of function arguments

9. <setjmp.h>: function that can be used to avoid the normal call and return sequence

10. <signal.h>: function for handling exceptional condition that may arise in a program

11. <time.h>: function for manipulating date and time

12. <limits.h>: constant definitions for the size of C data types

13. <float.h>: definitions relating to floating-point arithmetic

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