Ban From WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus Users

w1Beware of using WhatsApp Plus ! It is the news that WhatsApp has been banned to those users who are using WhatsApp Plus( after updating it). We want to notify our readers that WhatsApp Plus app is not an authorized App by WhatsApp. According to WhatsApp – WhatsApp plus is not an official app i.e. this app is not developed by WhatsApp nor it is authorized by it. The users who are using whatsapp plus can use this app but when they update it , they get banned from Whatsapp. Whatsapp Plus is a 3rd Party App developed by someone else using the source code of Whatsapp.So, make sure you are using WhatsApp app and not the WhatsApp Plus.WhatsApp has started sending a ‘temporary ban’ message to the users of WhatsApp Plus.



Difference between WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp:-

1). WhatsApp Plus is a blue colored icon  while WhatsApp is green in color.

2). Unlike the WhatApp ,WhatsApp Plus offers additional feature of removing the double tick sign(blue in color) message received and users are also able to remove the last seen notification as present in current WhatsApp.

3) WhatApp plus is not an official plus it can be easily download from it’s website. WhatsApp is available in Google Play.WhatsApp Plus has not been acknowledged by its developers at Facebook. There is no official announcement as yet if WhatsApp will include the cool features of WhatsApp Plus.















Note :- If you are one of those who have received the message,‘ Your number is no longer allowed to use our service’ from WhatsApp, it means your WhatsApp has been banned for 24 hours. It is kindly noted that the time of 24 Hours started only when WhatsApp is On, when ever you close the application the timer also gets stop and will get continue when you get it on. It is also seen that on re-installing the original WhatsApp again the same problems appears with timer of 24 hrs.

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