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An Automata is defined as a system where energy, materials, and information are transformed, transmitted and used for performing some functions without direct involvement of man. Ex: Any automatic machine like printing machine, washing machine etc.

Automata Theory notes i.e. AT Notes can be easily download from here in PDF format (Whole Syllabus). The special in these notes is that these are handwritten notes made by one of our expert teacher (Mr. Vishal Pasricha) in simple and easy language covering diagrams and configurations. These notes covers whole syllabus of the  subject Automata theory of (3rd Year) Students with computer Science Stream.

The notes covers following topics in full detail with diagrams:- 

Finite Automata and Regular Expression : Finite State System, Basic Definition Non- Deterministic finite Automata (NDFA). Deterministic finite Automata (DFA). Equivalence of DFA and NDFA. Finite Automata with E-Moves. Regular expression. Equivalence of finite Automata and expression. Regular expression conversion and vice versa.

Introduction to Machines : Concept of basic machines, Properties and limitations of FSM, Moore and Mealy Machines, Equivalence of Moore and Mealy Machines. Conversion of NFA and DFA by Arden’s method. Properties of Regular sets : The Pumping Lemma for regular sets, Application of the pumping Lemma, Closure Properties of regular sets, Myhill-Nerode. Theorem and minimization of Finite Automata, Minimization Algorithm.

Grammars : Definition, Context free and Context seasitive Grammar, Ambiguity, Regular grammar, Reduced forms, Removal of useless symbols and unit production. Chomsky Normal Form (CNF), Griebach Normal Form (GNF).
Pushdown Automata : Introduction to push-down machines. Application of push down machines.

Turing Machines, Deterministic and Non-Deterministic Turing Machines, Design of T.M. Halting Problem of T.M. PCP Problem. Chomsky Hicrarchy : Chomsky hierarchies of grammars, unrestricted grammar Context sensitive Language, Relation between languages of classes. Computability : Basic Concepts, Primitive Recursive functions.


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