Advance DataBase Management System Notes

Advanced Database Management System is a subject  for students of (3rd year) of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology Stream.These notes provides information about the Database Management System that plays an important role in Computer Science. A range of features and benefits of Advanced Database Management Systems (DBMS) are mentioned in these notes.

The notes covers notes Unit wise as follows:-

Unit 1: Parallel & Distributed Data bases :Architecture for parallel database, parallel query evolution, parallelizing individual operations, parallel query optimization introduction to distributed databases, distributed DBMS architectures, sorting data in a distributed database DBMS, Distributed catalog management, Distributed query processing, updating distributed data, introduction to distributed transactions, Distributed concurrency control, recovery.


Unit 2:Data Mining:Introduction, counting co-occurrences, mining for rules, tree structured rules, clustering, similarity search over sequences.

Unit 3: Object database systems ,defined ADT, structured types, objects and reference types, inheritance, design for an ORDBMS, challenges in implementing an ORDBMS, OODBMS, comparison of RDBMS with OODBMS and ORDBMS.

Unit 4: Advanced topics :Advanced transactions processing, integrated access to multiply data source, mobile data bases main memory databases, multi media data bases, GIS, Temporal and sequenced databases.

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