Blue Brain Seminar Report and PPT

Get the PowerPoint Presentation on “Blue Brain Technology ” by just one single click. Free Download Blue Brain Seminar Report and PPT without any login. You can download the PPT and report as well as read on the internet. The main aim of this presentation is  to focus the following points:

  1. What is Blue Brain ?
  2. Functions of Blue Brain.
  3. Comparison between Normal Brain and Stimulated Brain.
  4. Uploading the Human Brain.
  5. Hardware and Software required for Blue Brain Technology.
  6. Building the virtual Brain.
  7. Data acquisition.
  8. Drawbacks of Blue Brain.

Blue Brain is one of the latest technology. The most answerable question is What is Blue Brain ? It just means a machine that can function as a human brain. Blue brain technology comes up with a lot of advantages and disadvantages in this modern world. Just download or read the presentation to know more about the Blue Brain Technology.

Download Blue Brain Report

Download Blue Brain PPT

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